7 Reasons Your Goals May Not Be Achievable

Many organizations set goals and fail to reach them. Others achieve some of their goals by accident, and some could achieve a lot more.

Are your goals mandatory or experimental? In my leadership development coaching projects, I’ve seen many organizations set their goals without considering the obvious reasons they may not be achievable. By addressing these reasons up front, an organization can dramatically increase the likelihood of success in achieving their sales goals.

Why Companies Fail At Achieving Goals

Here is a list of common circumstances that cause organizations to fail in achieving their goals:

  1. No consideration given to the capacity of the target market (growing-shrinking).
  2. Overestimating the organization’s ability to deliver the products and services at the optimum level while keeping its brand promises.
  3. No funding in place to finance growth should the company grow faster than its ability to self-fund.
  4. No advertising or marketing plan in place to support the goals.
  5. Marketing and sales forces are not prepared to properly differentiate the company from the competition.
  6. Low performance track record from the people that need to deliver on the goals.
  7. Not enough sales and sales support people.

What Great Leaders Do

An organization that considers the above questions will discover they should plan on upgrading people, increasing resources, moving some around, refocusing time and making other adjustments. Significant goals—those that require growth rates and increases in profit margins—need refinement on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Great leaders ask these questions, refine goals and make the right adjustments.

Howard Shore is a leadership development coach who works with companies that need leadership development and strategic business coaching. Based in Miami, Florida, Howard’s firm, Activate Group, Inc. provides strategic planning and management coaching to businesses across the country. To learn more about leadership development coaching through AGI, please contact Howard at 305.722.7213 or email him.