5 Steps to Make Mondays Fun Again – Step 5

When I started this series of articles about the steps to make Mondays fun again, my purpose was to send a positive message about enjoying life and getting the best from every single day of our lives. It doesn’t matter if it is Monday, Friday, or Sunday. Two weeks ago, watching a rental movie with my family, a powerful message came to my attention. The story was about a high school football team with a long losing streak and the efforts of its coach to break that streak and turn these boys into winners. One day, a wise man came to talk to the coach and told him the following story: there were two farmers who prayed every day with all their hearts for rain. One of them spent most of his time going to a house of worship to pray, while the other farmer decided to pray early in the morning and work the rest of day preparing the land for the rain to come. God sent rain to only one of them. You guessed right! The farmer who prepared the land received the rain. The question is: which of the two farmers are you?

The football coach understood the message, defined the purpose of the team (which by the way, was not winning games), aligned all players with that purpose, and as a result, the team became State Champion for the first time in its history.

Our job is to prepare the land and be ready for the rain. Probably the farmer who did not receive the rain, thought he had bad luck. His rain will come, but he has to take action.

Remember: luck is the point in time where preparation and opportunity meet.

This is the final step to make Mondays fun again! GO FOR IT AND HAVE FUN!

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”. – Walt Disney

Having the courage to take action on the things we consider important for our lives is a consequence of the previous four steps in the process of making Mondays fun again. As a refresher, those steps are:

  1. Define your purpose
  2. Explore your potential
  3. Create a solid plan
  4. Develop the right attitude

To jump to the final step of the ladder, you have to believe, esteem, and love yourself first; create a self-leadership environment which will provide you with the power of acting now, instead of procrastinating with your dreams.

Be happy and enjoy the journey. Wake up every Monday morning with the positive assurance that the week to come will be the best week of your life. Take action on your dreams; prepare your land for the rain to come.

Life is good!

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