5 Keys to Measuring Effective Sales Management

by Howard Shore, Date: Jun 30, 2011

5 Keys to Measuring Effective Sales Management

Are sales managers effective? How would one know if they could and should be getting more performance out of the sales team? How do you know if money is being left on the table?

There are five key areas that managers should be measured by:

  1. Leading Indicators – Do your sales manager hold people to leading indicators? Once produced will sales results occur with certainty? Are people being held accountable to these indicators?
  2. Time Management – Are managers spending the proper amount of time coaching, motivating, holding accountable, and recruiting salespeople when compared against the “ideal” manager?
  3. Skills – Are manager skills in the areas performance management, mentoring, coaching, motivating, and recruiting comparable to those of the “ideal” manager?
  4. Effectiveness  – How effective are managers in terms of impacting our sales force when it comes to holding accountable, motivating, mentoring, coaching, growing, and recruiting sales people?
  5. Top Grading – Healthy turnover in a sales force is between 20% and 30%. A higher percentage usually indicates a recruiting and/or management problem. A lower percentage usually means management has set too low a standard for the sales force. The company should always be recruiting salespeople and pruning the lowest performers.

There are some great tools you can use to assess your sales management objectively. Contact us if you want help!

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