3 Great Resources for Writing a Business Plan

by Howard Shore, Date: Mar 07, 2012

3 Great Resources for Writing a Business Plan

I get a lot of calls and emails asking about writing a business plan. There are so many books and articles on writing one it can be overwhelming, but there are three resources I like and recommend as good starting points.

1. Entrepreneur Magazine. There are oodles of great articles on their site, but I especially like this one on the Top 10 Business Plan Mistakes.

2. Small Business Association of America has a wonderfully thorough section on writing a good business plan. Plus, tons of other great tips and advice.

3. Activate Group blog. Okay, a little shameless self-promotion. But seriously, I have a great section on my blog with some down-and-dirty articles on business planning.

What other resources do you like for advice on writing a business plan?

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