3 Barriers to Peak Performance

Does your business operate at peak business performance? Have you built a business model that delivers high net profit and is scalable? Are you wondering how you might achieve better success?  After working with more than 100 companies, we are confident that we can improve your business in the following areas.


If your company has a flawed strategy, you are likely suffering growth and/or cash flow issues. Determine if this barrier to peak business performance is a problem for your organization by answering these questions:

  • Can you easily and accurately predict that you will have faster growth rates than your competition for the next 3 years, and is that growth rate at least 20%?
  • Can you and all your leaders clearly articulate in one sentence your secret to how your business model produces significant cash flow?
  • Is it obvious to your ideal customer why they should choose your products or services over those offered by your competitors?


Are you curing the symptoms or the disease? If you are like most leaders, you may be getting a lot done but misdiagnosing the root of your problems. Determine if this barrier to peak business performance is an issue for your organization by answering these questions:

  • Do you spend too much time revisiting the same people and business issues without actions that cause them to be resolved?
  • Does unpredictable company performance in one or more function, role, or process of your business cause you a lot of stress, and have you failed to stabilize the outcomes for more than 12 months?
  • Do you have key performance indicators in place to know how well each person, role, and process in your company is contributing to your bottom line? Are you measuring this performance?


Another key to your ability to fully maximize success is creating a shorter list of the right priorities. Determine if this barrier is a problem for your organization by answering these questions:

  • How consistently do you achieve your monthly revenue and profit goals while also achieving the monthly milestones on your long-term initiatives?
  • Is everyone in your organization held accountable to 90-day personal goals and initiatives that are aligned to your company’s 90-day goals and priorities? Are those 90-day priorities tied to your annual initiatives?
  • How many people in your organization have more than three priorities during any given period of time?


Let us help YOU take your business to the next level. Take the next step and contact us to learn more about your Business Coaching Program and how you might improve your answers to the questions above.