12 Ways to Stop Losing Money Through Lost Employee Engagement

An employee survey conducted by Deloitte found that only 20% of employees are engaged in their work. That disengagement is costing the U.S. economy about $300 million a year in lost productivity. Think about it. When an employee becomes severely disengaged, they have basically “quit and stayed” on the job. They stop performing. They just don’t care. But you keep paying them.

A recent study from The Ken Blanchard Companies on Employee Work Passion attempts to pinpoint the origin of employee disengagement and identifies 12 key factors that create employee engagement (a little reverse engineering). I have summarized below, but do check out the full story on their site.

  • Autonomy. Are employees empowered to make decisions about their work and tasks?
  • Meaningful Work. Do employees know that their work matters?
  • Feedback. Do employees know where they stand regarding their performance?
  • Workload Balance. Too much work and not enough time are de-motivating. Big time.
  • Task Variety. Some people prefer a minimal number of tasks to repeat. Others need variety.
  • Collaboration. Do your structure and policies foster cooperation?
  • Performance Expectations. People want to know what is expected of them.
  • Growth. Do employees believe your company fosters opportunities for career growth?
  • Fairness. Are decisions and rules fair and equitable?
  • Rewards. Are rewards and compensation commensurate to effort and results?
  • Connectedness with Colleagues. Are co-worker relationships rewarding?
  • Connectedness with Leader. Everyone wants a positive, productive relationship with the leader.

As an employee, do you agree? As a leader, do you think your company is doing a good job of providing an engaging work environment?

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