12 Signs of Fanatical Focus on Employees

During my many leadership coaching projects, I have noticed a few things that all growth companies have in common. One of the most impactful of these common traits is fanatical discipline about their people. Do you have it?

You can say your company is fanatical about employee development if you have the following in place:

  • A clear understanding of how many people are required to achieve your company strategy.
  • An organizational chart that maps out those positions critical to your strategy.
  • Detailed job profiles for each position that identify the expected results, key success factors and the characteristics of the ideal candidate.
  • Annual updates of job profiles.
  • A process of screening candidates that allows only qualified candidates to get to the interviewing stage.
  • Training in the latest interviewing techniques to greatly minimize the opportunity to hire the wrong person.
  • An interview and background check process that includes a full development, training and coaching process ready for the new hire as soon as they come on board.
  • A 90-day ramp-up process that helps all new hires integrate with the team and start their employee development process.
  • A staffing plan that identifies potential position growth and replacement needs.
  • A process for building a ready bench of “A” players so you can expeditiously fill positions as needs arise.
  • A method to systematically eliminate “B” and “C” players from the staff and from the recruiting process.

Being fanatical about employee development takes time, patience and discipline. You must make the choice to build an employee base that is a true business asset. This requires a strategic process for recruitment and development, and a strict adherence to the process by leaders at all levels of the company.

Is your company fanatical about its people? Why or why not?

Howard Shore is an executive leadership coach who works with companies that need employee development and business management coaching. Based in Miami, Florida, Howard’s firm, Activate Group, Inc. provides strategic planning and management coaching to businesses across the country. To learn more about employee development through AGI, please visit activategroupinc.com, contact Howard at (305) 722-7216 or email him.