Howard M. Shore

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Larry Rutkowski

Executive and Business Coach
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Albert Noa

Director of Human Capital Management
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Amanda Vargas

Executive Assistant | Coordinator

Our approach as an organization and as a team is to collectively understand the issues you are facing along with the audacious goal you are chasing. We believe that success is rooted in collaboration. That is why when you work with an Activate Group coach you are getting a team.

To achieve the types of results that we guarantee for our clients, you need the right people and you need the right tools.

We have both.

Founded in 2004 by entrepreneur, speaker, bestselling author, and coach Howard M. Shore, Activate Group, Inc. is the leading coaching firm for CEOs, teams, and organizations who are serious about reaching their true potential and accelerating the growth of their organization.

The Activate Group, Inc. team of coaches is comprised of executives who have led one or more businesses ranging from $100 million to over $1 billion in annual revenue.

But that alone does not make them extraordinary at what they do.

Each of our ScalingUp Certified coaches has been put through a rigorous 12-month training program and ongoing education platform to teach the Business Acceleration SystemTM developed by Howard M. Shore. This ensures that every single one of our coaches is well versed in the Business Acceleration Tools™ which are instrumental in providing the platform to achieve accelerated growth in any organization. Guaranteed.

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We believe leaders have unlimited levels of untapped potential which lead to greater fulfillment and profitability. The key is to unlock this potential within all your employees. By mastering the right leadership methods, you can achieve audacious goals, reduce stress, and invest in what truly matters. Find your Coach to get started!

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