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Are you mistaking trustful people as being gullible. I found this topic to be of great importance because it is commonly acknowledged that a team cannot function without trust, salespeople cannot get business if their prospects do not trust them, and that it is very difficult to earn someone’s trust without giving it.

6 Common Beliefs About Trust

In John Maxwell’s “Monthly Mentoring” session entitled “Trust – The Foundation of Leadership”, he identifies research and data on 6 common beliefs about trust, and you may find the following conclusions remarkable.

  1. Contrary to popular wisdom, trustful people were no more likely than the mistrustful ones to seem gullible to their friends.
  2. Trustful people are more perceptive than mistrustful people of what others are really feeling.
  3. People with a poor opinion of themselves are less trusting than people with a good opinion of themselves.
  4. Levels of intelligence have no impact on how trustful a person is.
  5. Mistrustful people rely on others to direct their lives for them. Trustful people rely on themselves.
  6. Trustful people are more trustworthy than mistrustful people.

Why Myth’s About Trust Matter

Here is why these myths should matter to you:

  • Trustful people will be trusted more often.
  • Trustfulness complements intelligence and intuition rather than detracting from it.
  • You should help a team member that is low in trust to raise their self-esteem.
  • Being more trustful can lead to being liked by more people.
  • Being trustful and trusted leads to less distress and thus more productivity.
  • Trustful people will tend to be less stressed and thus in better health than mistrustful ones.
  • If you can’t “read” other people well, it’s easy to be suspicious of them; if you can, it’s easy to trust them.

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