In today’s business environment, it is essential that we find ways to make our organizational resources more productive. In many organizations, the most prominent and expensive resource we have is our people. As a result, a lot of time is spent on creating processes and conditions that drive and motivate our employees.

A lot of research has been conducted over the years to identify the factors that have the most dramatic impact on productivity. While pay, fringe benefits, and working conditions are important, research has shown that absence of these factors produces a lack of motivation, but their presence has no long-range motivational effects. Long-range motivational factors are recognition of a job well done, sense of achievement, growth, participation, challenge, and identification with the company’s goals and vision.

Here are 15 ideas proven to provide for long-term motivation:

  • Create a clear vision. Identify the organization’s mission and goals, and make sure that everyone understands the rationale behind them and how they contribute toward achieving them.
  • Clearly communicate departmental objectives, and solicit input from your employees on what they can do to help achieve them.
  • Make an effort to compliment each of your direct reports on at least a weekly basis.
  • Make employee development and retention a primary objective of each manager and leader and reward their success accordingly.
  • Ask employees for advice in areas where they have expertise.
  • Involve everyone at all levels in the goal-setting and planning processes, particularly if they are responsible for the results.
  • Let people know what is expected of them, and do everything you can to make them successful.
  • Develop a “servant leader” attitude, and be there for your people rather than having them there for you.
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Stand behind your employees and back their decisions.
  • Show the courage to let your employees learn from their mistakes.
  • Take time to listen carefully to other people’s interests, opinions, concerns, and goals.
  • Meet individually with your employees; help them clarify their personal goals and values; and assist them in identifying the skills they need to achieve their goals.
  • Find ways to enrich the jobs of your employees by increasing their authority or span of control.
  • Encourage employees to expand their comfort zone.

Howard Shore is a business growth expert who works with companies that want to maximize their growth potential by improving strategy, enhancing their knowledge, and improving motivation. To learn more about him or his firm please contact Howard Shore at (305) 722-7213 or [email protected].

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About Howard M. Shore

Howard M. Shore is a Certified Gazelles Coach, Certified Public Accountant Certified Executive Coach, Certified Behavioral Analyst, Certified Values Analyst, and Certified Attributes Index Analyst. He has earned Bachelor and MBA degrees from Florida International University, and completed advanced executive programs at Harvard Law School and the University of Chicago.