Many business owners are so focused on fixing their business and their customers that they do not realize how hard they are pushing their employees and for how long they have been doing it. It is one thing to try to hire employees with passion, and wanting them to love the company and all. In the end, you will never find anyone to be as passionate about the company as the founders, and financial rewards only carry so far before people burn out and start listening to their spouses and friends who they miss spending time with. You need to observe body language and solicit input. You need to let them vent, encourage honest feedback, and be willing to let them take it easy for periods of time. Not just one week-end here and there. It is amazing how owners get to the point where they can take their long trip and enjoy life because they earned it through all their sacrifice. However, many of the employees out there are also sacrificing quite a bit and if not careful you can drive away some great ones by being too selfish.

This is an explanation from question #12  from my article “12 Questions You Need To Ask Constantly.”

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