Activate Library

Every person on your team needs the strategies to break through the barriers that prevent the creation and sustainability of a scalable business. With the books in the Activate Library, your entire company – from leadership to management to employees – will understand their potential and be better equipped to generate the traction and significant growth you seek.

Your Business is a Leaky Bucket

In this book you’ll learn:
  • The 15 most common issues in the areas of people, strategy, and execution that drain energy, direction and profitability from every business
  • How to effect change and ignite growth in the leadership team in order to achieve an organization’s full potential
  • How to give clear and purposeful direction, develop a stronger, invigorated leadership team, maximize your growth and revenue, and reduce workplace drama.

The Leader Launchpad

Packed with practical information to:
  • Identify mindsets that are essential to creating a great company
  • Recognize the necessary steps to increase employee engagement
  • Develop a strategy that leads to faster growth and higher profitability
  • Align everyone to fewer priorities that will greatly impact results
  • Ensure the right people are in the right seats and are doing the right thing
  • Build a culture of accountability

Business Acceleration System® & tools

Activate Group’s proprietary Business Acceleration System® is the framework your organization needs to strategically fast-track your business, integrating strategic engagement of the five critical areas of success:

Foundation Stabilization

We do this all within one system to ensure the right outcomes. We don’t merely focus on strategies or methods; we maintain a crystal-clear focus on sustainable results.


Every business should have a plan for bad economies and when disaster strikes. There are cycles, and mother nature happens. Here are proven strategies to increase growth, profits, and cash today. We recommend that you identify, rank, and assign a value next to the area for improvement.


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